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Trivandrum India

Cheap Airfares to Trivandrum – India’s Evergreen Metropolis


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Trivandrum or Thiruvananthapuram, is Kerala’s capital situated in Southern India. Mahatma Gandhi labelled this as “Evergreen City of India”. Among Trivandrums attractions and sights that’s famous to tourist are: 1) Padmanabhaswamy Temple, it’s where you can feel the tranquil ambience of a Hindu temple complex that’s known for their great towering gateway. This is actually a Shrine for Padmanabha reclining on a serpent. 2) Napier Museum, is where you can learn about their natural history and arts of India. 3) Thiruvananthapuram Zoo, it’s the oldest zoo in the whole Asia. You can explore their wildlife here where the zoological park is located. 4) The AttukalBhagavathy Temple, it’s a Shrine in Kerala that’s revered for the annual AttukalPongala festival, where over one million women took part here. 5) Kovalam Beach, has a lighthouse and you can actually feel the breeze of the ocean once you climb up the very top of the lighthouse. 6) Or visit Gandhi Park, that’s located in East Fort and experience the beauty of nature through the green trees.


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