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Taipei Taiwan

Cheap Flight Ticket to Taipei with a Bamboo-shaped Skyscraper


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After all those tedious planning and exciting preparation for a memorable 'get away', it is now time for you to explore and discover the awesome Taipei! Taipei is a modern metropolitan city and capital of Taiwan. They have bustling city streets for shopping and 'food-scene' galore and a lot of 'night-markets'. They have modern buildings and the most famous is the 'bamboo-shaped' Taipei 101 skyscraper.

Here are some of the best 'must-see' tourists attractions in Taipei:

1) MengjiaLongshan Temple - located in Wanhua, Taipei (a temple for both Buddhist and Taoist).

2) Shilin Night Market - located in the district of Shilin, it is a famous night market in Taipei, also the largest night market in the city.

3) National Taiwan Museum - oldest museum in Taipei, it was during the Japanese occupation that it was set-up.

4) National Palace Museum - oldest museum in Shilin, Taipei, which displays largest collection of historical documents, paintings and calligraphy.

5) Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall - Taiwanese national monument, built in Chiang Kai-Shek’s memory, a previous president of China’s Republic

6) Taipei 101 - known before as 'Taipei World Financial Center, tallest skyscraper in Xinyi, Taipei, Taiwan (with 101 floors and height of 509 m).

7) Fort San Domingo - it functions as a museum, built during Spanish time in 1629, located in Tamsui district, new Taipei City, Taiwan.

8) Taipei Fine Arts Museum - it is one of the museums in the Taipei Expo Park. It is located in Zhongshan district in Taipei, Taiwan.

9) Taipei Zoo - also called Muzha Zoo, located in Wenshan district, Taipei. A well-known public zoo in Taipei.

10) Miniatures Museum - located in Taipei City, famous for collecting miniatures in Asia. Founded by Lin Wen-ren and wife in 1997.

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