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A New Way to Save with Flights to Rome – Eternal City

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Since you have done some careful choices and made the best affordable flights to Rome, then now you must do a little research about Rome, Italy itself.

Rome, founded about 753 BC, is what we call The Eternal City (Roma Aeterna) and the World’s Capital. This is the main city of Italy and located in an Italian Island that’s in Lazio by the shores of River Tiber. While Vatican is a walled-city what is called as the capital for the states, which are mainly Rome and Italy. It’s also global since they value their history by showing their appreciation thru visiting museums, like in the Vatican, Colosseum (or arch of Constantine) and in UNESCO, their historic middle ground as one of the World’s Heritage place.

Here are some interesting points:

* The Tempietto

* Michelangelo’s ceiling in the Sistine Chapel

* Palazzo Senatorio

* Rome’s Cathedral or Papal Archbasilica

* Rome’s Mosque

* In Vatican, there’s St. Peter’s Square

* Castel Sant’ Angelo

* The Pantheon

* Basilica of San Paolo fuori le Mura

* Piazza del Campidoglio

* Piazza del Popolo

* Villa Borghese – with spectacular gardens

* The Trevi Fountain – believed to be granting wishes

* Bridge of Angels – this goes to Castel Sant’ Angelo

* Arch of Titus – where you see what’s left from the previous siege in Jerusalem and when the second temple was destroyed

* StadioOlimpico – a gigantic arena with 70,000 seats total

After all the gruelling tasks of getting your low cost flights to Italy, taste the dream of Rome today and share your adventure to your friends.