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Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Cheap Flights to Riyadh - Global City of Gardens


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Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia and is the center of culture and its economics. The archaeological sites located in Riyadh that are mostly essential, and that it involves Riyadh’s municipal office, these are known as the 5 “old gates” situated on the ancient Riyadh walls.

We have what we call Al-suwailen or North gate, followed by Thumaira which is East gate, then comes Dukhna, that’s South gate, next would be Al-Madhbah of the West gate and lastly a South West gate named Shumaisi. You will really appreciate the proud history of Riyadh with their palaces like the following: King Abdul Aziz’s Al-Murabba Palace, Shamsiya Palace, or even the Musmak Palace and Prince Muhammad bin Abdul-Rahman.

Here are the rest of spectacular places with easy on-the-wallet flight ticket going Riyadh….

1) Camel Farm – in highway or nearby desert you can find camels. Camels maybe white, brown or black in color. The more expensive color is the black camel ones.

2) Imam TurkibinAbdallah Grand Mosque – grand mosque

3) DirAiyah – north south river complex, Wade Hauifa, then provides water resources to Riyadh, DirAiyah nearby villages and towns

4) Janadriya – cultures and heritage celebrations

5) Al Faisaliah – Riyadh City’s iconic tower

6) Kingdom Tower – or Mamluka tower tallest structure or building Riyadh

7) Zoo – Riyadh’s zoo, famous boding place for friends and family

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