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Phnom Penh Cambodia

Charming City Adventure with Cheapest Flights to Phnom Penh


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Once you’ve taken care of your needed travel documents for cheap flights Cambodia, you are now ready to learn all about Phnom Penh, the city.

Phnom Penh originated from a legend of Daun Penh (Khmer language for Old Lady Penh). While Daun Penh gathered firewood she spotted the Koki Tree floating nearby where it in cased statues of Vishnu and Buddha. It was considered a blessing those days, so Penh’s small hill where she placed a shrine became Wat Phnom (Khmer for “hill” is Phnom) where it also took the name of their founder “Penh” and marked Phnom Penh’s birth.

Here are some inescapable sites in Phnom Penh:

1) Wat Phnom – the shrine which started Phnom Penh

2) Phnom Penh cityscape – admire their great architecture of the city

3) Sorya Shopping Center – for any souvenirs of your trip, you can buy it here

4) Statue of Lady Penh – know more about the legend and history of Cambodia’s capital

5) Pchum Ben – October is also very important for it marks a celebration of gathering and reunion

6) Bon OmThook – a yearly festival during November where they reverse the flow of Tonle Sap river like a water fest, plus a boat racing event

7) ChaulChnamThmey – held during April when they celebrate Cambodia’s New Year

8) Royal Throne Hall – built under the rule of King Norodom I

9) PrehSuramarit National Theatre

10) Independence Monument or the VimeanAkareach in Khmer language

11) Statue of DechoYod and DechoMeas

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