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Penang Malaysia

Cheap Flights to Malaysia - Penang Food Capital


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What do you expect when you reach Penang, Malaysia? Penang is a mixture of different cultures from Western to Eastern history. It shows modernization without disregarding their original traditions. They have also certain structures preserved that form their heritage. This in return, made George Town one of UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage site. Penang is also named as "food capital" in Malaysia since they have delicious and healthy cuisines which may have come from their magnificent coasts.

Just to name a few ideal places to visit:

· Famous Penang Hawker fare – you might get lucky to join this celebration when you visit

· National Park or what they call "Muka Head" – if you want to just stroll and re-visit nature, then you need to go here

· Streets of George Town – as said, this is one of UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage, so you must see this for yourself and why did they name it as such?

· Penang Hill – for nature enthusiasts, visit this place to explore its beauty

· Butterfly Farm – located in TelukBahang, lovers may feel the overflowing beauty of the butterflies surrounding them and maybe celebrate a romantic occasion here

· BatuFerringhi Beach – if you want a relaxation spot and forget all your worries, then why not unwind here?

· Flea markets, the PasarMalam and shopping malls – you may buy your souvenirs in these places

So, don’t waste your time by expensive airfares and deals, re-check your options today and discover a whole new world of travelling.