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Maputo Mozambique

Cheapest Flight to Maputo, Mozambique - City of Acacias


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The most exciting part of your journey is knowing more about your place of destination, Maputo, Mozambique! Maputo is the largest city in Mozambique and presently it is its capital. Before their independence, Maputo was known as Lourenco Marques. Also called "City of Acacias" because of so many Acacia trees along its streets, and at the same time, known also as the "Pearl of the Indian Ocean". Indeed, there are so much more to explore in Maputo! Here are the top ten (10) attractions or "must-see and do" for travelers and locals alike in Maputo, Mozambique:

1) Nature and Wildlife Tours - for your outdoor activities, you can indulge in this exciting sightseeing tours;

2) Maputo Central Train Station - for their architectural buildings design with Portuguese influence - "beautiful and fantastic" train station in Maputo, Mozambique;

3) Fortaleza da Nossa Senhora da Conceicao - Learn more about the history of Mozambique in this historic site;

4) Maputo Elephant Reserve - enjoy nature and be excited about wildlife in these areas or parks with your family and friends;

5) Maputo Central Market - if you want some bargains you can go for their flea or street markets;

6) Casa do Ferro - the Iron House, architectural building marvel about this so-called Iron House;

7) Walking Tours - arrange for a walking tour with your group or with family and friends;

8) Natural History Museum of Maputo, Mozambique;

9) Fernando's Bar - for their nightlife, they also have bars and clubs;

10) Immaculate Conception’s Cathedral - a religious site for Catholics.

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