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Bringing Cheap Flights to India – KochiThe Harbour


There is this saying that you can travel in style but on a budget, so travel in style to Kochi with cheap flights to India. You have to check all the details, in planning your travel so you won’t miss anything important. Here are some need to know conditions for your flight: ‘Arrangements’ is what we call the main package with accommodation and/or a Flight-Plus or if it goes together with the package. Air Travel Organisers License or simply named ATOL issued by the CAA to GSS Travel. There’s even separate deals for either a Flight Only or Accommodation Only that’s not really included in an offer.  We call the person who books the offer as ‘Party Leader’ while there are different specifics for persons that we call, ‘Adult’, over 12 years old, ‘Child’, 2-12 years old and ‘Infant’, that’s under the age of 2 years. Payments take 7 days to clear and you need to re-confirm your flight schedule by calling us 01-753-522789, 72 hours before your scheduled date. Necessary information on the place of your destination is a must. Check on international flights, hotel accommodation, possible discounts you can get, car rentals and fun memories that goes with it. If you have any other inquiry you can read more here or send your questions at


After choosing the best cheap flight deals for your tour you are assured of a comfortable, safe and happy journey. Kochi City, India also called Cochin, a major city port. Also known as Ernakulam referring to the mainland part of Kochi. Be inspired and explore some of Kochi’s points of interests are:

1) Mattancherry Palace – known as the “Dutch Palace”;

2) Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica at Fort Kochi – an impressive Roman Catholic Church in India for its gothic style in architectural and artistic grandeur;

3)Paradesi Synagogue – oldest active synagogue in the commonwealth of Nations with location at Kochi, Kerala, South India;

4) St. Francis Church – delve into its history in this oldest European church; they were colonized previously and the church was part of the city’s struggle against invaders;

5) Ernakulam Shiva Temple – another name for this is Ernakulathappan, a Kerala’s main temple found in downtown Kochi;

6) Vegaland - Kochi’s fun park, where you can enjoy the experience of riding rapid river, caterpillar rides, wave pool, magic carpet and wonder splash.

7) Jain Temple – this is situated in Mattancherry, where you may be able to learn about their faith more;

8) LuLu Mall Kochi – where you can buy your souvenirs and gifts for your friends and family here; OR

9) For sports fans of cricket or even football, watch the game at Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium – the matches here are so lively and the audience are playing a big part of it.


These and more are to be expected when you visit Kochi in India. If you want adventure and at the same time be able to get the best deals for airfares and hotel bookings, plus the rental car, then don’t hesitate to contact us 01753 522789. You can even send your comments, feedbacks on how we should make our services much better, please drop your mail here