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Istanbul Turkey

Cheap Flights to Istanbul - Transcontinental City of Constantine


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Istanbul is a big city in Turkey, populous and also its financial and cultural hub. Both culturally and physically it bridges Asia and Europe.

Must-see points of interest or tourists attractions in Istanbul:

1. Hagia Sofia - formerly a greek orthodox basilica, next became a mosque and then turned Istanbul’s museum. Located at Sultanahmet Square.

2. Sultanahmet Mosque - also called the "Blue Mosque" with location at Sultanahmet Square.

3. Basilica Cistern - built by the Romans, known as "Sunken Palace", famous for its Byzantine and ancient greek architecture. Also located at Sultanahmet Square.

4. Topkape Palace - located at Sultanahmet Square; residence of Ottoman Sultans for 4 centuries.

5. Church of the Holy Savior in Chora - or Chora Church is a beautiful Byzantine church still surviving to the present time. It is now known as the Kariye Museum in Istanbul.

6. Grand Bazaar - Shopping Center in Istanbul; the oldest and biggest markets with over 3,000 shops and attracts daily visitors of about 400,000.

7. Galata Tower - a stone tower during the medieval times using Romanesque architecture.

8. Istanbul Archeological Museum - group of three archeological museums in Istanbul.

9. Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum - features Islamic and Turkish arts.

10. Istanbul Modern Arts Museum - a display of contemporary art in the Beyuglo district, and known for featuring works of Turkish artists.

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