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Cheapest Flight to Dubai - Be Thrilled with an Ultramodern City


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Dubai, tagged as 'ultramodern city' in the United Arab Emirates. Famous for luxurious shopping, with its architecture that's ultramodern and nightlife lively scene. Dominating the skyline is the 830m tower BurjKhalifa. At its foot is the Dubai fountain choreographer to music with its jets and matching lights. Offshore, there's an artificial island called Atlantis, water resort and marine-animal parks, the Palm.

Here are some of the best attractions in Dubai for visitors to marvel about and enjoy:

1) BurjKhalifa - the 830 m tower dominating the skyline;

2) Dubai Museum - immerse yourself in Dubai's history and culture;

3) Dubai Mall - shopping and recreation center;

4) Dubai Dolphinarium - dolphins show and entertainment;

5) Wild Wadi Water Park - waterpark in Jumeirah area and the nearby Burj Al Arab;

6) Palm Islands - leading Villa Resort 2014 in the Middle East;

7) MadinatJumeirah - 5-star Arabian Resort;

8) Palm Jumeirah - one of reclaimed Palm Islands;

9) Emirates Towers - building complex ~ Emirates office tower and Jumeirah Emirates tower hotel;

10) Dubai Fountain - largest choreograph fountain system in the world;

11) Jumeirah Mosque - "most photograph" mosque in Dubai;

12) Dubai World Trade Center - Dubai Business Complex, Sheikh Sayed Road, Dubai.

There is really a lot of exploring and discovering you will do in Dubai, so get your cheapest flight to Dubai now and enjoy special deals being offered.