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Dar Es Salaam Tanzania

A House of Peace with Cheap Flights to Dar Es Salaam


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Dar Es Salaam - means 'house of peace' in arabic, formerly called Mzizima, Eastern Africa's largest city in terms of population and also the richest city because regionally it is an important center for the country's economy.

Tourists attractions in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania:

1. National Museum - showing photos and exhibits on human nature development.

2. Makumbusho Village Museum - they build and design houses according to the ethnic group they belong.

3. Askari Monument - memorial to Askari soldiers who fougt during World War I.

4. Zoological Gardens - habitat for the wildlife.

5. Karimjee Hall - functions as venue for seminars. Known before as the parliamentary building.

6. Azania Front Lutheran Church - christian church in Tanzania.

7. Beaches:

· Bahari Beach Hotel

· Kigamboni Beach - known also as "South Beach"

8. Wonder Workshop - providing work for Tanzanians who are disabled.

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