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Affordable Flight Ticket to Siem Reap Angkor’s Great Gate


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Once everything has been set in order and your forms have been filled out submitted and processed, you may now need to get a bit of information about your place of interest, especially like Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Siem Reap was believed to convey “Defeat of Siam”. This idea came from King Ang Chan who mentioned Siem Reap first and indicated that it meant the “flat defeat of Siam”. Its origin goes back from when Khmer people had a long term century’s quarrel with the Siamese folks. It was a long story which ended with 10,00 Siamese soldiers captured and the Khmers were victorious that King Ang Chan renamed their battleground as “Siem Reap”.

As a traveller, you need not only be familiar with cheap flights to Cambodia but also to the special places in the city you’re visiting, just like SiemReap’s following attractions:

a) Grand Hotel d’Angkor

b) Siem Reap River – built around Buddhist Wats (pagodas), it intersects at middle with the famous Tonle Sap Lake

c) Royal Residence in Siem Reap

d) Siem Reap Ruins are Angkor Thom and Angkor Wat

e) Angkor National Museum

f) War Museum Cambodia

g) Old Market or the Psah Chas

h) Located in Kampong P’luk, there are floating villages situated here

i) BanteaySrei is Siem Reap temple built in the 10th century

j) For nature lovers why not climb the Phnom Dei Hill or visit the Phnom Kulen National Park

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