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Cairo Egypt

Cairo Cheap Flights - The Conqueror and Mother of the World


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Cairo is connected with Ancient Egypt since its location is situated near the old cities of Fustat, Giza and even Memphis which are pretty close to the pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx. It was also known for several names, such as the Conqueror, Vanquisher or the Victorious, i.e. referred to as al-Qahira. Known also as “mother of the world” or Umm al-Dunya. About 4th century Romans built some sort of fortress which was later known to be associated with Coptic Orthodox community center, it was once named Babylon and later known as Coptic Cairo.

If you’re still curious about Cairo’s past, then remember to visit the following sites:

· Cairo Citadel –Saladin was the one who commissioned this from 1176 & 1183

· Grand Hyatt Cairo

· There are also opera houses for art enthusiasts like Khedivial Opera House, Cairo Opera House, also a Cairo International Film Fest

· Transportation involves Cairo Metro, Cairo micro buses, Cairo Tram, Cairo Transport Authority and Cairo Nile Ferry

· Cairo International Stadium – for sports fans out there

· Egyptian Museum

· Parisian style buildings – seen on downtown Cairo, while at the center is the statue of the “father of modern Egyptian economy” – Talaat Pasha Harb

· Tahrir Square – also established on downtown Cairo

· Cairo Tower – gives a bird’s eye view for patrons from the restaurant

· Khan el-Khalili Market

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