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Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Addis Ababa City of Humans – Explore with Cheap Flights to Ethiopia


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Once everything is all set and ready to go for your exciting journey, you must know something about Ethiopia, particularly Addis Ababa first. Learn the sights and sounds of this rather over looked city with cheap flights to Ethiopia.

Addis Ababa or what’s also named as Addis Abeba is said to mean Oromo or a new flower. It is called Natural Springs (Finfinne). Do you know it’s also named as City of Humans, because many humanoid fossils were found in this place and has been believed as the true home of mankind.It is also both a city and a state at the same time since it is a chartered city. It’s one of Ethiopia’s federal cities with a lot of interesting places and points of interest a traveller may explore.

Here are some that you might want to include into your itinerary:

· Dembel City Center

· Arat Kilo Monument

· Meskel Square

· Merkato Market

· Tsige Recreation Center

· St. George’s Cathedral

· Ethiopian Orthodoc Cathedral

· Holy Trinity Cathedral

· Menelik’s Old Imperial Palace

· Hager Fikir Theatre

· ItegueTaitu Hotel

· Ethiopian National Museum

· Ethiopian National Library

· Ethiopian National History Museum

· Addis Ababa Museum

· Ethipian Railway Museum

· Addis Ababa and Nyala Stadiums