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Abuja Nigeria

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Nigeria has been one of the few countries of at least being considered as a tourist spot. Most people will look for more notable places such as Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Korea or others that deliver sights that has been told by a lot of tourists. Neither that they know that Nigeria is also considered as a tourist spot and if you can get cheap flight tickets online or elsewhere it will be the perfect getaway for people who would like to venture something new and exotic. Adventurous people will also consider these not so common destinations since they deliver more than what you expect and learn their culture and environment as well. Cheap international flights to these destinations are everywhere and you can search the internet for most of them.

For Nigeria, the destination to be in will be Abuja since it is considered as the nation’s capital and hyped and their own metropolis. Cheap flights to Abuja Nigeria will be your ticket to a new adventure in store for you so read on.They can also provide other affordable options that will suit you and your companions in travel. You can start by looking at GSSTravel.com for some of these affordable packages that will suit you. You can call them at 01-753-522789 or inquire through email at info@gsstravel.com. Remember you have to call 72 hours before leaving if you have any changes to your recent booking or you want to have someone be accommodated by our staff like your guest for any health condition. Or if you want to make sure you book a hotel that accepts pets. If you’re travelling International make sure to check in 3 hours before your flight or for those going on Domestic flights then check in an hour before.

The city of Abuja is the capital of Nigeria since 1991 before it was from another city. Abuja is the most populous city in Nigeria, the second fastest-growing city in Africa and the seventh in the world. It started which literally mean “lakes” has its famous and renowned seaport that has been considered to be progressive since it has been used to deliver produce and considered another mode of transportation.

Here are some essential attractions to consider on your visit:

a) Aso Rock – a big mountain rock and became the name of the house of the Nigerian President

b) Millenium Park, Abuja Wonderland Park (amusement park with rides), Abuja Zoo (situated in Asokoro District)

c) For artistic tourists, they have Arts and Craft Village that showcases African Arts

d) Jabi Lake – great for tourists and also a wonderful natural lake

e) Zuma Rock – located in Suleja is a pretty rock called Zuma

f) NNPC Towers – can be found in the Cultural Business District and the Headquarters of Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation

g) National Christian Center

h) Abuja International Conference Center

i) ECOWA Secretariat – monumental place in Yakubu (GowanCresent) found in the district of Asokoro

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