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Abu Dhabi UAE

Abu Dhabi Cheap Flights - Richest Industrial City of the World


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You are now set to move forward to your much needed relaxation after those long hours of work. It’s time to use that cheap plane ticket going Abu Dhabi, however let’s get to know more about your destination’s sights a bit.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates’ capital – in the Persian Gulf Island, main focus is commerce and exportation of oil. They have modern skyline towers, sky-scrappers and a shopping haven with their Marina and Abu Dhabi Malls. A very large Persian Carpet is featured on the Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque, with huge chandeliers made of Crystal that can accommodate worshippers up to 41,000. Abu Dhabi is a modern and bustling city of business and government.

Here are several attractions you should keep in mind on your visit:

1) Sheik Zayed Grand Mosue – beautiful landmark building and the biggest mosque in UAE

2) Heritage Village – a copy of Bedouin encampment and before the “oil boom” it gives us a view of an Emirate life

3) Al-Hosn Palace – the oldest building here known also as White Fort or Old Fort. Today, it is the center for documentation and research

4) Women’s Craft Center – local women show their skills in embroidery, weaving and basketry; place for tourist to buy genuine souvenirs like slippers, shawls, textiles, etc

5) Observation deck – Etihad Towers Hotel, Jumeirah, the city’s highest point

6) Emirates Park Zoo – They have elephants, giraffes and white tigers which are rare in the wildlife park

7) Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital – veterinatory hospital for falcons, sick or injured. They have guided tours for visitors interested with these birds of prey

8) Yas Island – a luxury hotel destination with sandy beach; formula one racing here held every years at Yas Marina Cicuit

9) Boat Tours – sunset cruises are most popular

10) Liwa Oasis – a great city escape; noted for date farming, largest sand dunes in the world; they have dune buggies ride, sand surfing and camel trekking

Now get “me” time you’ve always dream of having all along. Don’t settle for anything that would let you spend too much, purchase some Abu Dhabi cheap flights and discover a whole new meaning of freedom and contentment.